I’m still upset about Mona, despite everything she’s done. I really, really liked her, and I know I wasn’t the only one.


Treat your shelf.
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Maggie Stiefvater
One Thousand Paper Cranes

#fuck this show and it’s irony

Mona Vanderwaal was murdered


Janel needs to be rewarded and appreciated for her acting. Her role as Mona was exceptionally amazing. She had to play shy, geeky, bullied Mona, refreshed and confident Mona, sarcastic Mona, playing dumb when she knew she was A, crazy, manipulative, psychotic Mona, bitch Mona, 2.0 Mona, helpful Mona, regretful and apologetic Mona. Janel continually switched between Mona’s personality developments and it was amazing.


The Epic Reads Glossary —>
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The fountain scenes in Scream (1996) and Scream 4 (2011)




PotterFacts 7/404 | The Chamber of Secrets
"Gilderoy Lockhart is the only Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher to have no connection at all to Voldemort."

That’s because even Voldemort has a certain demand for skill and competence

that was the sickest burn i have ever seen
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~   Marlene King on Big A (via fuckyeslittleliars)
~   Marlene King (via fuckyeslittleliars)


4x12 foreshadowing 5x12:
A finally killed Mona with the girls to blame.

Quoting Marlene King: “This death has been in the works for more than a year — it’s been a very well-thought plan. It wasn’t like ‘spin the dial and see who gets killed.”

Mona’s death has indeed been planned for over a year!

~   Marlene King on the time jump between 5x12 and 5x13 (via fuckyeslittleliars)
~   Janel Parrish (via thebestplltheories)
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